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Like the People, Especially Dr. Walton

NEIL M. (Patient since 2015)

Always treated as a member of the family.

WILLIAM R. (Patient since 2016)

I appreciate your online services very much such as reminding me of appointments.

CHARLES B. (Patient since 2015)

I have been using this facility for years. Wish I didn't have to be a bother, but am sure glad Dr. Walton Is there for me. The entire staff at Blue Ridge Urology are there willing and able to get you back out and feeling like new again. .Don't pas up the chance to feel better today. If you must, give them a call today and get back on the road to a better life. Devotion is not a notion but a heart felt effort to help.

JAMES W. (Patient since 2015)

Lovely staff and doctor. Great office. Love the experience.

JAMES K. (Patient since 2016)

Doctors like John Walton in my age bracket are the best!

ANDREW S. (Patient since 2015)

Friendliest medical office in the upstate. Always time for the patient's and their questions.

CALVIN G. (Patient since 2015)

I love the doctor, but both times I have been in the office, it has been over two hours from the time I get there until I am ready to leave. That is my only complaint.

PEGGY M. (Patient since 2017)

The staff was able to get me in the same day, and they were very helpful and courteous.

SUSAN W. (Patient since 2017)

The knowledge that my health was in Dr. Walton's hands is comforting. Between his age and knowledge of his career field tells me enough that I'm confident in having him help me. I do appreciate him and all the help he has given me.

KATHLEEN W. (Patient since 2015)

Each time I have an appointment, I am seen promptly. Dr. Walton explains everything to me clearly. I understand what the treatment plan is and its duration. Dr. Walton is very personable and patient centered. I enjoy my visits with him.

DANIEL D. (Patient since 2017)

I'm always pleased with your great care, and Dr. Walton's concern over my health.

BARBARA L. (Patient since 2015)

Very caring. The best urologist I have ever been too and one of the nicest doctors offices that I have visited. Dr. Walton truly wants to provide the best care and was detailed in his notes. He wrote everything I told him that was wrong with me down. He was very professional. His staff and him get back to you pronto! He even will call you himself after hours to make sure everything is OK or if he couldn't get back to you during the day. He saved me a life time health issues by making sure I was correctly diagnosed. I'm so appreciative and happy we crossed paths.

SEONA C. (Patient since 2017)

Confident that one will receive professional help from the best staff and doctor.

JAMES W. (Patient since 2015)

The appointment was well timed and helpful for my scheduled day. It was handled very professionally and timely. The staff are very friendly and courteous. I would find it very easy to recommend Dr. Walton and his staff, in fact I already have.

DAVID W. (Patient since 2016)

My appointments are very very important for my health.

DOROTHY J. (Patient since 2015)

Great service and competency from the staff and Dr. Walton.

TALMADGE G. (Patient since 2015)

Everything was just fine. Fred

FRED B. (Patient since 2015)

Dr. Walton has taken very good care of me and I know he would do the same for anyone.

KATHY N. (Patient since 2015)